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LaXense demonstrated 40G light engine on CIOE2014

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    September 4-7, laxense companies as exhibitors, participated in the 15th China Light Fair held in Shenzhen. Laxense demonstrated its proprietary silicon-based 40g parallel optical engine for short range (SR4) and active optical cable (AOC) applications. It also shows silicon-on-a-chip components for optical engines and other optoelectronic applications. Laxense solutions to help customers build their own SR4 transceiver modules and active optical cable easier.

    As a silicon photonics company, laxense has never stopped technological innovation and development steps; in particular, in its optical chip R & D and manufacturing capabilities. Such efforts eventually led to laxense full range of product family. During the four-day exhibition, the four-laxense product line was exhibited:

40G SR4 / AOC Applications * Silicon-based component set

    * Silicon / silicon dioxide optical elements, including microlens arrays of reflective layers, arrays, silicon-based lasers and detector bases, and the like.

    * Silicon-based passive / active optical chip, including multiplexing / demultiplexing chip, optical waveguide, silicon germanium silicon detector chip, and so on.

    * Fully packaged 40g SR4 / AOC optical engine module


    Laxense's 40G SR4 / AOC solution set attracted a lot of attention during the show. It appears that LaXense is the only company that offers a complete set of solutions to customers in the market. In addition, LaXense's fully packaged 40g SR4 / AOC optical engine submodule also attracts participants.
    "Laxense is a unique company and we will continue our strength in optical chip manufacturing and continue to work with our partners to develop more products to meet the growing demand for data communications markets," said Dr. Feng, CEO of laxense , "Our journey has only just begun, we believe that LaXense has a very bright future."


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