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"Leading Innovative Enterprise in Suzhou"

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  In 2016, the first batch of Gushu Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Talents was formally approved by the competent authorities for examination and approval, and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized the procedures for expert review. A total of 64 venture leading talent candidates were to be selected for the project, among which Suzhou Luohe Radium Optoelectronics Technology Co., Companies on the list.

To deepen the implementation of innovation-driven and talent strong city strategy to speed up the introduction, gathering high-level innovation and entrepreneurship leader (team), focusing on support with the project, with technology, with capital to the Soviet Union innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular, understand the market, The field to create a new path of technology, new business model, the new industrial state, the implementation of innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading of the city to play a demonstration, support the role of leading talent (team). Will enjoy the Suzhou innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent program implementation details of the workplace, investment and financing, living treatment and other related policies.

 Dr. Fengning Ning is a technical manager with rich experience in the field of optoelectronic integration for more than ten years. He has direct experience in core technology development, product positioning and market promotion. Dr. Feng has worked as a project leader in a number of start-up companies to lead the development of a number of products.




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